My name is Eveli. I’m a mother of two. We live in the countryside, in Noarootsi. We moved here after the children were born; before that we were urbanites. The relocation also brought about a change in my professional life – I exchanged my previous paid employment for creative entrepreneurship, to use the trendy expression. I started with writing and selling knitting instructions. Then I wrote handicraft instructions for the Eesti Naine (Estonian Woman) magazine for two years. Out of this grew my very own book „Käsitööpäevik“ („The Handicraft Diary“).
One day, I made myself a blingy pendant resembling safety reflectors. My friends loved it and they wanted me to make them a few. Then the friends of my friends began to want them as well. Now I make them for everyone interested. When I’m not making reflective pendants or writing knitting instructions, I’m most often raising my children, cooking something delicious, sewing, knitting, reading or spending too much time online.