Krentu Reflective Pendants are doubly useful things of beauty – they make you visible in the dark and at other times they’re simply pretty adornments you can hang both on your clothes and your bag. The reflective pendants are hand-made in Noarootsi, northwestern Estonia. Although the pendants gleam prettily in the headlights, they’re not certified safety reflectors. Just to be on the safe side, use a safety reflector as well.

To order the reflective pendants:
- choose a design of your liking from „Design samples“ menu;
- send me your request, choosing „Placing an order“.

The beads  may not always be exactly like the ones in the photos. This way, Butterfly pendant will be unique. Ordering up to two reflective pendants, the price of a pendant will be 8 euros. Ordering three or more, the price will be 7 euros each. Swallow pair is 9 euros and will not get discount. Mailing costs will be added (usually around 6-7 euros). I will e-mail you the invoice.